Less is More: Taking Steps To Minimize

minimalist via un-fancy

Spring cleaning often means the dread of dusting off old shelves and clearing out some stuff from your room that you do not seem to use anymore. We have all been there before. I took an extra step this year around though. Instead, I made the decision to start putting myself on the path of a minimalist life. What does this mean? Imagine condensing all your stuff to the bare minimum of what you use on a day-to-day basis. I’m talking about clothes, accessories, possessions, toys, whatever so be it. I’m doing this because I’m tired of being caught up in the white noise of society, specifically, the white noise of consumerism.

In our lives, we are hit with ads to buy new things every day and what is worse is that it is either a device for some specific purpose or it is something that becomes obsolete in a couple years, starting the cycle over again. We get ads online, on television, when we’re driving, on the radio, everywhere. After so many years, we start to find ourselves having so many things that we do not even use, taking up space or being kept in some box. I said that enough is enough. Yesterday, I went through all my closets and cut down my clothing to the bare-essentials. Inspired by Project 333, I did the best I could (43) and donated or sold the rest. I figured that if I want to start making these changes for myself, that would be the best place to start.

It was tough at first, there were some things that I did not want to part with but also knew that I had not used it in years. The principle I worked with while cleaning was “if it doesn’t bring a genuine happiness to my life, it has to go.” Once I got into the mood of it, it only took me about two hours to completely clear out my wardrobe. I went from 107 articles of clothing to 43, which does not seem like a big jump but when you open your closet and everything in there is something that you genuinely like and enjoy, it makes it feel worth it. We can always get more things, but to make the shift to this life style, you must practice.

Consumerism by Newhive


I feel like society today is too focused on the social constructs without realizing they are constructs. It is easy to be blinded in awe about the iPhone 7, which did everything the iPhone 6 did plus a couple extra features, when it will just be usurped by the iPhone 8 the following year. We put so much emphasis on the value of a name-brand item that we forget that we are just living life. We don’t think about what makes us happy but rather what looks best. We don’t judge ourselves by the things we know or the friends we have but by the possessions we can show off to the world. Consumerism’s web tangles more than just your money.

I hope that this is a step forward in a new life style. By the way things are going, I feel like a new chapter of my life will be beginning soon and what better way to ring it in than with a new mindset. Less is more.


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