Less is More: Taking Steps To Minimize

Spring cleaning often means the dread of dusting off old shelves and clearing out some stuff from your room that you do not seem to use anymore. We have all been there before. I took an extra step this year around though. Instead, I made the decision to start putting myself on the path of... Continue Reading →


The Embodiment of Hedonism

My partner and I went on a trip to Chicago a couple weeks back and while there, decided to check out the local LGBT bars and hangout places. We figured that it would be nice to experience the culture that existed in Boystown, Chicago but it was an eye-opener for a small-town Indiana local like... Continue Reading →

Elitism in E-Sports

We have all heard of sports but there has been a constant rise of online video gaming called "E-Sports". For those who may not be athletically blessed, E-Sports provides the opportunity to people to showcase their skill, dexterity, and intellect to win games instead. One of the other nice things about E-Sports is that there is a competitive... Continue Reading →

Dating and Misplaced Gratitude

Gay dating as never been a strong suit of mine. In fact, dating overall has been awful for me, not because the relationships themselves are inherently bad but because there always seems to be this miscommunication in queer dating. The miscommunication was misplaced gratitude towards at least one of us in the relationship. This miscommunication... Continue Reading →

Post-Thoughts From the APA

The past couple days have been long. Our editorial team has been in Baltimore since Wednesday for the American Philosophical Association which concluded earlier this afternoon. Though I did not make it to all the sessions that I wanted to, I still managed to sit in a couple that were particularly profound. I had the... Continue Reading →

Society and Artifacts

It has been an odd phenomenon that there were artifacts or possessions that defined someone's societal worth. In the feudal times, it was titles of nobility and occupation mixed with some ancient relic that contributed to man's reputation. In contemporary times, it has manifested itself within the incubation of consumerism. Nothing in its own origin... Continue Reading →

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