More Free Therapy | Less Free Football: Case at Ball State

Ball State University faced a dilemma during finals week December 2016. There were a high number of students seeking psychological counseling at the campus due to the pressure of exams. Given the counseling staff being so little, they were unable to aid most the students which sparked a local movement called “More Free Therapy; Less... Continue Reading →


Elitism in E-Sports

We have all heard of sports but there has been a constant rise of online video gaming called "E-Sports". For those who may not be athletically blessed, E-Sports provides the opportunity to people to showcase their skill, dexterity, and intellect to win games instead. One of the other nice things about E-Sports is that there is a competitive... Continue Reading →

Dating and Misplaced Gratitude

Gay dating as never been a strong suit of mine. In fact, dating overall has been awful for me, not because the relationships themselves are inherently bad but because there always seems to be this miscommunication in queer dating. The miscommunication was misplaced gratitude towards at least one of us in the relationship. This miscommunication... Continue Reading →

Post-Thoughts From the APA

The past couple days have been long. Our editorial team has been in Baltimore since Wednesday for the American Philosophical Association which concluded earlier this afternoon. Though I did not make it to all the sessions that I wanted to, I still managed to sit in a couple that were particularly profound. I had the... Continue Reading →

Society and Artifacts

It has been an odd phenomenon that there were artifacts or possessions that defined someone's societal worth. In the feudal times, it was titles of nobility and occupation mixed with some ancient relic that contributed to man's reputation. In contemporary times, it has manifested itself within the incubation of consumerism. Nothing in its own origin... Continue Reading →

LGBT and Dichotomy Identities

The LGBT community emphasizes on trying to be a community. Since Stonewall, the community has moved forward in this by creating LGBT-friendly spaces. Spaces like these in the 80's were locations like bathhouses and underground bars, which gave an outlet for queer people to be themselves without the face of discrimination. Since then, a phenomenon... Continue Reading →


This is my very first post.  Welcome to Jules of Mind authored by your's truly, Julian Schock. I started this blog in attempts to share the chain of thoughts that go through my head and to help connect dots in the phenomenon of society through casual philosophy. I'm no ground breaking thinker but I believe... Continue Reading →

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