It Gets Better

Today is October 11th, 2017. Its National Coming Out Day. I’ve been out to my family for roughly nine years but not by my own accord. Nine years ago, I was outed by an ex and it flipped my life upside down for a good portion of my teen years. My original plan was not... Continue Reading →


A Look at Hook-up Culture and Love

Abstract: In this article, I will examine a chain of actions that happens in peoples’ lives and how this order of actions shapes the way that one views love in a hook-up culture. First, I look at teaching love at an early age. Then an examination of personal interpretation of love in early dating life.... Continue Reading →

3 Months Later, An Update on Minimalism

On April 1st, 2017, I challenged myself to go minimalist. To me, this required that I cut down on my possessions and keep only what makes me happy. This meant devices, toys, clothes, anything that I had that wasn’t necessary for day-to-day living. Some big things this sweep included was old laptops and cameras, some... Continue Reading →

Hitting on Your Straight Friends

Members of the LGBTQ community, we need to have a talk. It is something we look over every day and most of us personally don’t like to think about it. We’re talking about hitting on straight friends. I know what you’re going to say, “we’re just close friends, I don’t personally mean it and they... Continue Reading →

Extroverted Learning and Blending In

Every philosopher has some schema in the back of their head about the best way to live a good life. People like Marx focused a lot on economic power in a society. Some ancient philosophers thought pure thought and reason would pave the way for a good life. My approach is contemporary with our culture... Continue Reading →

Queer Schrödinger

The queer community differs from its counterpart in various ways, often in beliefs, values, interactions, the way one sees themselves in the world, and the way one interacts with others. These differences become exacerbated when we apply these differences to both groups (heterosexual and homosexual) as cultures. For the remainder of this passage, I will... Continue Reading →

The Embodiment of Hedonism

My partner and I went on a trip to Chicago a couple weeks back and while there, decided to check out the local LGBT bars and hangout places. We figured that it would be nice to experience the culture that existed in Boystown, Chicago but it was an eye-opener for a small-town Indiana local like... Continue Reading →

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